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Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm EST
of monroe, michigan, would be one of the most prominent. he's buried at west point, has a gravestone there. there is a forest named after him, a county, a high school, a city. there are many memorials of custer that keep his name alive c-span: when did you first get interested in him? >> guest: my first visit to the battlefield, i think, in 1990. it's simply a place, i think, that draws you in, because it's still very unspoiled in terms of the way that it was at the time that the battle took place. you get a sense of the a kind of desolation, this rugged terrain which the troopers had not been familiar with. it's simply a setting that has a certain amount of power. c-span: what does little bighorn stand for? >> guest: it's simply a very small river that runs through that area. and there are bighorn mountains there's a bighorn river, and this is a smaller river, tributary river. c-span: exactly what happened on that day in the afternoon? >> guest: ok. custer, very early in the morning of that day, believed that the indians who were gathered in that valley which he had not yet seen, but ther
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
work on the end of the cold war. i have a book i'm working on, with the university of michigan press, on the breakdown of detente in the '70s. it's the same time period as this book--much of this book. but now i think there'll be a reagan to--dimension to it where there wasn't one before. but to keep doing my research, teaching. it hasn't changed my goals at all. c-span: any--any interest in getting into a government situation at some point and being involved in foreign policy? >> guest: not necessarily, maybe on a--in doing some consulting, but not as a full-time job. there's just too much to do in the archives. c-span: our guest has been kiron skinner. she is a co-editor of "reagan in his own hand: the writings of ronald reagan that reveal his revolutionary vision for america." thank you very much for joining us. >> guest: thank you. >> with the month left in 2012, many publications are putting together their year-end list of notable books. booktv will feature several of these less focusing on nonfiction selections. these titles were included in "time" magazine's top 10 nonfiction
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2